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Karéana @ Enlightened Healing Center now has a Facebook and a Website Page solely dedicated to those of you who want to be more involved with this Precious and Divine Healing Gift she has to offer from the Creator - Rays of the Soul. As time goes on there will be more content added for you to take part of and view, as well as group healings offered frequently. If you have already experienced a Rays of the Soul healing, please help us by writing a review and sharing how this healing has impacted your life. And if you or anyone you know has an immediate need for a session, or would like more info, you may send a message though the contact form at anytime.
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Rays of the Soul

Rays of the Soul
Master Healer
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     Karéana's divine healing gift, Rays of the Soul, came to her after being visited by Ascended Masters & Angelic Beings. She had studied numerous healing modalities for many years before her own gift "The Rays" came forward.  Multiple sources have told her "The Rays" comes from the original 12 rays of creation with each ray containing creation healing codes, symbols, angelic beings, colors and frequencies similar to the healing chambers of the pyramids.  It is a unique healing energy helping you cleans, release, restore & rejuvenate while adapting and changing to each individuals needs.  It's unlike anything you have ever experienced!

- Become the Best Version of You
-Clear Emotional, Mental & Physical Blocks
-Balance & Restore your Mind, Body & Spirt
-Feel the Divine Presence of Love
-Reconnect & Embody Your Higher Self
-Awaken Higher Consciousness


Rays of the Soul

The Gift of the Rays are a collective of energies from the Divine to help humanity remember their true essence, raising one's consciousness with anchoring in unconditional love, joy, peace and happiness into one's heart.  Kareana is able to be a bridge for all of these rays and frequencies to come in at one time and has gone through many changes to do so.  In a session, The Gift of the Rays will come to each person uniquely in the way it is meant for you to receive this blessing.  Each session is different every time, as it is guided by the Creator.  It usually includes clearing, chakra balancing and alignment, healing, teaching, sending healing to loved ones and the world.  

People have described feeling blessed, reconnected to their true self, feeling unconditional love, health restored, clarity of mind, burdens lifted, a sense of peace, joy and happiness, intuitive gifts opened and much more.  Each session is unique and each person receives a blessing of The Gift, the way it is meant for them. Bring Pictures of who you want Blessed!  Come experience The Gift of The Rays!   

Private energy healing sessions with intuitive guidance available:
in person, or over the phone. 


During the blessing, my first sensation was an energy, like a beam of white light on my crown.  This energy moved down where a cluster of stars, resembling the Milky Way circled around my throat and heart.  I then felt a ball appear in front of my center.  It was spinning along with the halo of stars.  I then felt myself elevating off my chair.  I was sitting in a meditation pose.  I tried to test my balance to see if it was real.  Or,, if my mind was just playing a trick on me.  I felt perfectly secure as I was hovering over my seat.  Through the reminder of the blessing, this feeling of divinity was present near my solar  plexus area.  I felt at one with the universe, the source.  As the session ended, I felt my soul moving downward as if grounding me more.  After the blessing, I had a feeling of overwhelming astonishment and I was overcome by tears of gratitude.  Feelings I could not express at that moment.  The following day it occurred to me this may have activated my Kundalini.  This was a more intense energy than Reiki or Shaman Healing energy.  
R. Uttke
I have attended several of The Rays Blessings by phone and have experienced significant shifts each time.  Twice now, after experiencing the most delicious and restorative sleep, I've awoken to a giddiness...a truly joyful and happy place that has lasted several days!  It's wonderful, nothing gets to me and my stress level is at a constant relaxed state.  I feel happy and healthy, I am energetic and inspired, I'm not procrastinating.  I can feel a ripple run through me, a vibration, and I know my health issues are being worked on and here is healing going on...emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.  I had energetic blocks in my legs from the knees down, that had disappeared the following day after a session.  I've noticed I have more energy and feel better overall.  I am becoming more active...I've been dancing in my kitchen while doing dishes or is becoming fun again for me.  I've always been appreciative of the gifts life has offered me, the blessings of the Rays has amplified that gratitude is at a different level.  I look forward to these sessions, they are a great stress reliever for me and I see I handle everything better.  I sleep better afterward...I focus better at work, I see many areas of my life improving...sometimes after a sesson the results are very subtle.  I know and trust that something is happening that is good for me.  Kareana, thank you so much for sharing your gift with me!  My heart is filled with love and gratitude!!
- Cindy Kuzdas
I came across Enlightened on a Friday afternoon.  Kareana told about an energy healing class she was holding.  I was intrigued, as I had a special reason for attending.  Not so much for me, but for a very ill family member.  She said I could bring a picture if someone needed healing and I immediately signed up for the session.  My close family member had been in the hospital for over 2 weeks at this point and was scheduled for a 2nd surgery, which would have been extremely tough on him due to his already very weakened condition. To make a long story short, after attending the healing session, he went from having a blockage & scheduled for surgery one day to the blockage disappearing the next day and he was released to come home the day after. Kareana is truly an amazing woman that has a divine gift she enthusiastically shares with others.  I am looking forward to returning for another session.  KR